Dobcross Loom

The Hutchinson Hollingworth Dobcross HK Loom

The Dobcross HK loom at Armstrong Oilers is critical to the ongoing existence of the business.  Without the loom there are no woven pads, without woven pads there are no new axle box oilers, without new oilers most of the heritage locomotives, carriages and wagons would come to a standstill within 20 years.  The loom used by Armstrong Oilers can be seen in illustrated and described in ‘The Textile Mercury’ dated 16th May 1891.  The publication indicates that the earliest date for this type of loom is 1883.  Being a later generation loom it is capable of running at up to 120 picks per minute.  Between 1884 and 1910 over 25,000 Dobcross Looms were made and shipped world wide.  The Hutchinson Hollingworth Company closed its door for the last time in 1967.

Maker: Messrs. Hutchinson Hollingworth & Co Ltd, Dobcross Works, Harropdale, Diggleworth, Oldham, Lancashire.

Model:  HK 130 R/F  (Hollingworths & Knowles Patented Fancy Goods)  serial No. 42012.  Dobcross Loom, electric powered, includes patented chain lag. The exact date of manufacture has been lost in time, but the serial number indicates that it was made in the second quarter of the 20th century (1925-1950).

The Dobcross Loom is a brilliant machine, it is well over 70 years old and still remains fully operational in it’s industrial commercial setting.  It is testament to its designer and makers.  It was designed by James Hollingworth.    It was, and still is, considered the best power loom of its era.  Examples of this type of loom can still be found across the world in historical and heritage settings, many are still operated and maintained by volunteers.

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Pad weaving at Armstrong Oilers